The Southampton Review - Volume 3 No.1

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Spring 2009 (Vol. III, No. 1)


Bruce Jay Friedman: Any Number of Little Old Ladies
Janis Jones: The Original Trophy Wife
Ana Daniel: Don Juan and the Marschallin
Emily J Weitz: Baby Steps
Christian McLean: It’s No Big Deal
Susan Merrell: Dog Tale
Robert Reeves: The Eulogist: A Novella

Memoir & Personal Essay

Frank McCourt: My Mother
Marilyn Goldstein & Frank Levy: America 101
Daly Walker: Water
George S. K. Rider: Thanksgiving Day–1944
Daniel Menaker: Vera
Eileen Obser: Norma
Melissa Bank: Why Was it For You
Martha Cooley: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Personal Ad
Robert Emmett Ginna: Life in the Afternoon: Hemingway

On Craft

Jacques Barzun & Lionel Trilling: How to Write an Essay: Barzun and Trilling Sum It Up


Excerpt from Bar Book: Julie Sheehan
Amy Lee Lipan: I want to Tell You Everything I Know
Seth Hurley: The Downstairs Shower
Jane Elias: Mismanner • 5:55 PM • West 18th
Star Black: Apologia • Seasonal • Soaked
Rowan Ricardo Phillips: Copper Horse • November Lost, November Regained • Skargard
Cathleen Calbert: An Orange is Like a Tangerine • My Wife: Destroyer of Dreams
Billy Collins: Four in the Morning in Florida • Hangover • My Unborn Children

Poetry and Collage Portfolio

 Images by Scott Sandell & Poetry by Christopher Watkins: 25 Adult Life Jackets • Rung • From the Deep • The And The River Was Haiku Blues • Number Ten • Reading Chinese Poetry • Flush

Cartoon Portfolios

Gahan Wilson: Three Literary Cartoons

Drawing Portfolio

Byron Dobell: Drawn from Life: Studies

Painting Portfolio

Cynthia Knott: The Sea and the Sky
Magdalene Brandeis: From the Artist’s Studio: Essay
Billy Collins: Horizon • Paintings of the Sea: Poems


Laurie Lambrecht: Roy Lichtenstein’s Studio


Amy Lee Lipan: Haiku Riddle
Jules Feiffer: Front cover, dedication page & back cover illustrations


Frank McCourt: McCourt Speaks

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